"Did you not know...? Egypt is an image of heaven. All the divine principles reside here. If the truth be told, our land is the temple of the entire cosmos." ~ Corpus Hermeticum

Alkhemi®Travel offers a unique opportunity for the spiritual traveller to experience the magic and mystery of Egypt.




Known in ancient times as Ta Neteru, "the land of the gods", Egypt has been a place of pilgrimage for at least 5,000 years, famed for its Mystery Schools and countless sacred sites. The ancient Egyptians were guided by a sophisticated, time-honoured spiritual ideology which determined every aspect of their lives. They believed the Earth to be a physical manifestation of Heaven, a living symbol of the inner spiritual world, and as such everything was considered sacred. Human existence was understood as a continual quest to align the physical world with its divine source. This was accomplished by forming meaningful relationships with their deities, which they regarded as the personification of natural principles and archetypal forces.

Alkhemi®Travel has been created with the "soul" purpose of facilitating a deeper and more sacred experience of Egypt. The itinerary of visits on each sacred journey has been specifically designed to perfectly reflect the spiritual work.

Our Anglo-Egyptian approach means that we have the expertise to provide a genuinely transformational journey with the opportunity for contemplation and self-realisation, combined with the local knowledge necessary for discovering and exploring hidden delights away from the tourist trail.

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