".....the names of all the gods have been known in Egypt since the beginning of time." 


It is impossible not to be touched by the beauty and mystery of Egypt. Here is a chance to connect with the energy of sacred sites that awaken memories deep within. The ancient Egyptians called this "the intelligence of the heart". For them, the earth was a physical manifestation of the heavens, a living symbol of the inner spiritual world. They saw no separation between heaven and earth, spirit and matter. As such, everything was regarded as sacred and treated accordingly. 

"Concerning Egypt I will now speak at length, because nowhere are there seen so many marvellous things, nor in the whole world beside are there to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness."   The Histories, Herodotus (5th century BCE) 

The Greek traveller and historian, Herodotus wrote these words nearly 2,500 years ago. Even then, Egypt was legendary throughout the world for its great antiquity, and its excellence of architecture, science, religion and art. Pharaonic Egypt has intrigued, awed and mystified us for generations. Because of the dry climate, countless temples and monuments have been preserved, and nowhere else in the world is there such a concentration of ancient remains. We have been left with a vast body of writings, illustrated texts inscribed on papyri, in temples and and on tomb walls. 

"The Egyptians are religious to excess, beyond any other nation in the world....they are meticulous in everything which concerns religions....the names of all the gods have been known in Egypt from the beginning of time."  The Histories, Herodotus (5th century BCE)

The ancient Egyptians were skilled artists, mathematicians, astronomers, poets, astrologers, architects and engineers, and possessed great knowledge in the arts of healing and medicine. They knew, 5,000 years ago, what scientists have recently discovered - that the material world is made of pure energy (spirit) vibrating slowly enough for our human eyesight to observe. They never suffered from the modern compulsion to separate spirit and matter, and would be completely baffled by the 21st century's obsession with the material world.
The modern world's emphasis on intellectual and empirical knowledge denies the existence of other more subtle levels of being, effectively cutting the heart and soul out of the physical world. The ancient Egyptian mind-set made no distinction between intellect and intuition. In the temples all learning was housed under one roof because all branches of knowledge were seen as manifestations of divine wisdom. 
           "....for the ancient Egyptian, a metaphysical world poured into the physical, saturating it with meaning." Temple of the Cosmos, Jeremy Naydler

Recognising that matter and spirit are one and the same, that there is no separation, that we truly are "all one", is a significant step on the path to self-realisation and self-mastery. What better place to study and meditate on this, than in a land where this knowledge permeated every aspect of life, form the grandest temple to the humblest home, where every act had its significance both mundane and cosmic. To the ancient Egyptian nothing was accidental or random, from the size of a cup to the shape of a pyramid. Nothing was perceived as out of context from anything else. All had meaning, all had significance, all revealed a purpose.

"We will meet a civilisation very different from our own. It was built upon a model of cosmic order and actively sought wisdom and cherished truth. It created beauty not by accident but by design, espousing the continuing life of the spirit not as a fading hope but as a complete certainty."
The Elements of Egyptian Wisdom", Naomi Ozaniec


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