Jacqui Taliesin El Masry  BA(Hons) 

Tour Leader, Course Facilitator, Creator of Alkhemi®Therapy and Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion.

I'm a therapist, teacher, writer and artist. I've studied natural health, healing, psychology and spiritual traditions for over 30 years. I'm passionate about researching the scientific evidence for energy healing, and I'm fascinated by the link between metaphysics and quantum physics.

I'm a Dru Yoga Teacher, Sekhem Master Teacher, Bowen Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Egyptian Cartouche Master Teacher, NLP Practitioner, Meridian Therapies Practitioner and Magnified Healing Master Teacher. I have diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology, Crystal Healing and Colour Therapy, and qualifications in Counselling, Co-Counselling and Indian Head Massage. I have taken classes in Core Energy Management, Holistic leadership, SKHM, Shamanic Practices and African Drumming. I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Fashion & Textile Design and in December 2017 I will complete an MA in Interdisciplinary Psychology.


In April 2000, I made the first of many remarkable journeys to Egypt. Since then, researching Egyptian spiritual traditions, and working intuitively and shamanically with the deities of ancient Egypt has been my passion and my life's work. I've visited Egypt over twenty times and lived in Luxor for a year. As a result I've discovered an amazing truth: these ancient teachings are universal and can be used today in a profound and powerful way for self-empowerment and spiritual growth. 

From the signposts of my own healing journey a psycho-spiritual system evolved, a practical but deeply transformational process, which uses the sacred wisdom teachings of ancient Egypt to access healing energy, "re-member" your connection to Source and bring you into alignment with your Eternal Self. That system is Alkhemi®Therapy. 

Over the last three years I have developed various healing tools and products which are empowered with the energies of Alkhemi®Therapy. They have been created to allow anyone, even those with no knowledge of energywork, to experience the healing energies of ancient Egypt. The products include Alkhemi®Anointing Oils, and Alkhemi®Sacred Stones. I am currently developing Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion, which combines flowing, holistic yoga with sacred dance and the spiritual principles of Alkhemi®Therapy. 

As a teacher it's always been my vision to empower others. I've taught personal and spiritual development to a wide range of groups and I encourage everyone to look within and trust their own inner wisdom. My purpose is not to draw people to a new path, but rather to awaken them to the power of their own sacred journey!

My vision for the future is to create The Alkhemi®Centre, an ecologically and ethically-friendly yoga and retreat centre in Egypt, where spiritual travellers can learn healing arts, explore sacred dance and rhythm, practise yoga, contemplate ancient mysteries and realise their inner potential! 


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