15 days/14 nights (Tour Dates)


Travel with us as we journey through the sacred landscape of Egypt, known in ancient times as Ta Neteru, "the land of the gods". As we move through the physical landscape of Egypt (see Itinerary), we work on our own body-field (body and energy field), clearing, healing and balancing our energy centres. This sacred journey includes the Alkhemi®Therapy First Gate (Foundation Level) course, and on-site Egyptian Deity initiations which are unique to Alkhemi®Travel. 


The fully-guided tour includes:

  • Private visit to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx

  • Visits to the sacred sites of Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Medinet Habu Temple, Deir el Medina, Abydos, Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple, Karnak Temple, Dendera, Thoth Hill, Kom Ombu, Edfu, Island of Philae, Sakkara and Abu Gharob.
  • Nine on-site Egyptian Deity Initiations completely unique to Alkhemi®Travel.

  • Special Sacred Ceremony and Initiation in Great Pyramid.

  • Visits to Luxor Museum, Egyptian Museum (Cairo), Nubian Museum, the medieval souk (market) in Khan el Khalili, a traditional coffee shop, and the souk (market) in Luxor. 

  • Sunset felucca (sailboat) trip.
  • Caleche (horse and carriage) ride around Luxor.

  • Alkhemi®Therapy First Gate course with certificate and manual.
  • Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion Nine Centres Sequence with instruction leaflet (optional).

  • Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion Mudra Sequence with instruction leaflet.
  • Coursework facilitated by Jacqui Taliesin El Masry, Creator of Alkhemi®Therapy and Alkhemi®Yoga Fusion.

  • English-speaking Egyptology guide on hand at sacred sites to answer questions. 
  • English-speaking assistants on hand throughout the journey.